Chill Nights – Unlimited Tacos & Pizza

Here’s another way to cap the night off! Join us every Friday and Saturday from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm and elevate your weekend experience with our unlimited pizza & taco lineup while listening to live music entertainment for only Php 899. Choose from our delicious pizza options: Pepperoni, Verdura Mista, Tre Formaggi, or classic Margarita. Pair it with our delectable taco selections: Pollo Taco, Fish Taco, or Pork Birria Taco.Ignite your taste buds with our sizzling Spicy Cheese & Mushroom Quesadilla for only Php 150 and Nachos for only Php 499!Keep the good vibes flowing all night long, by grabbing a Beer Tower for only Php 1,800.